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Nico Marquardt (Germany)

Nico Marquardt (Germany)

Nico Marquardt is the CEO of the globally operating consultancy business Rabbit, youngest Member of the Local Parliament in Germany, and non-executive Director at the German energy company EWP. He has created social media strategies for major election campaigns for instance with Andrea Wicklein (Member of the German Parliament) during the 2013 federal elections and the state elections 2014. Additionally, he developed marketing strategies for major brands like American Express.

At the age of 13, with his early enthusiasm for physics, he wrote a research paper about the possible collision of the Asteroid 99942 Apophis, which closely approaches Earth in 2029. This calculation astonished scientists worldwide and brought him the first place at the National Science Competition in Germany as well as awards from the German Minister of Education and Research and the German Center for Aerospace (DLR).

8 years later, Nico Marquardt became an elected Member of the Parliament in Potsdam (Germany) and thereby the youngest politician of all state capitals in Germany. In this role, Nico Marquardt is currently establishing a digital agenda for the state capitals that concentrates on a new form of political communication via social media.

“Pushing the boundaries and uniting the world: That’s what Mars One is about. It has the power to show people around the globe what is possible if we just all work on one goal. No human has left Earth’s orbit since 1972 and no one ever ploughed beyond the moon into deep space. It’s finally time to inspire the world and make the next giant leap for mankind.”

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