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Vladas Lašas, PhD (Lithuania)

Vladas Lašas, PhD (Lithuania)

Dr. Vladas Lašas is a Lithuanian entrepreneur and science and technology enthusiast, who lectured on and researched Computer Vision at Kaunas University of Technology. Vladas was an Honouree of 2012 Oslo Business for Peace Awards, given by an independent committee of Nobel Laureates. This is the highest form of recognition given to individual business leaders for fostering peace and stability through creating shared value between business and society.

Vladas is TED Patron. In 2009 he was invited by Richard Branson to join him as co-founder of the Carbon War Room, the global non-profit initiative by entrepreneurs to implement market-driven solutions to climate change.

He started his first business in 1990 by founding the first private international express delivery company in Lithuania with two partners. He broke down inherited Soviet Post Office monopoly and helped to solve important problems for the newly independent country. He is co-founder and/or co-owner of several companies in logistics, hi tech, clean tech, e-commerce, including UPS Authorised Service Contractor in Lithuania-- Skubios siuntos UAB, Elinta UAB Industrial and Power Plant Automation, Elinvision UAB Computer Vision R&D.

His area of interest includes innovation in technology, education and society. In 2010 he co-founded Cambridge Startup Accelerator Springboard which in 2013 became TechStars London. Vladas shares his passion on education and other areas important for our sustainable future with young people. To Lithuania he brought delegations from NASA, Japan TED Mission and leading businesses to help local communities to leapfrog into new areas like space technology, electric vehicles and clean technologies.


"Mars One probably is one of the most ambitious human exploration projects in our lifetime."

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