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Arno Wielders

Arno Wielders

M.Sc., Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer (The Netherlands)

Arno Wielders received his Master of Science in Physics from the Free University of Amsterdam in 1997. He was soon hired by the Leiden Observatory, Leiden University, to work at Dutch Space in the Very Large Telescope Interferometer Delay Line project. In 2002 he received his TWAIO (two years, advanced graduate research) certificate and started as a research scientist at the Space Department of TNO TPD in Delft. At TNO TPD he was involved in the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) project launched by NASA.

In 2005 he founded Space Horizon and investigated the concept of a suborbital spaceport on the Dutch island of Curacao. In his work with the European Space Agency (ESA), Arno performed in the following capacities:

BepiColombo (mission to the planet Mercury) science team as instrument scientist (2005-2007).
Payload study manager for the mission studies Cross Scale, a constellation of satellites orbiting the Earth for magnetosphere research (2007-2009).
Payload study manager for the mission study JUICE, mission to Jupiter (2009-2011).

In addition, Wielders participated in the Human Exploration Architecture review of ESA and in 1998 co-founded the Mars Society Nederland (part of the international Mars Society) with the intent of promoting and supporting a human mission to the Red planet. Currently he is a volunteer for the Planetary Society and organises, together with the Netherlands Association for Spaceflight many space related events.

He currently divides his time between Mars One and working at the European Space Technology and Research Centre (ESTEC) of the European Space Agency as a payload study manager for new planetary mission studies and as a payload systems engineer for the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorermission.

"I believe mankind is destined to be a multi-planet species, to move beyond the confines of our home planet. To work with Mars One is to be a living part of this incredible undertaking."

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