Mars One

About Mars One

Mars One was founded in 2011 by Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders. In that year, they drafted a technical roadmap and held meetings with established aerospace suppliers. The suppliers’ feedback was used to ensure a feasible mission plan, using only existing technologies. Mars One made its first public announcement in May 2012.

The Mars One team now consists of a small team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in aerospace, engineering, strategy, communications, and design. Mars One aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Before carefully selected and trained crews will depart to Mars, several unmanned missions will be completed, establishing a habitable settlement waiting for the first astronauts to arrive. Read more about the current mission status.

Mars One draws on a network of expert advisers and ambassadors, who are contributing to the planning and development of the mission with their specialized knowledge and experience. Advisers and ambassadors include Mason Peck, professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University and former Chief Technologist at NASA, and Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist Prof. Dr. Gerard ’t Hooft. Meet the advisory board and ambassadors.

Mars One consists of two entities: the Dutch not-for-profit Stichting Mars One (Mars One Foundation) and a Swiss publicly trading Mars One Ventures AG (Mars One Ventures). The Mars One Foundation implements, and manages the mission and owns the mission hardware. It also selects and trains the crews, and is building an ever growing community of experts and supporters that follow the progress of the mission and contribute to it. Mars One Ventures holds the exclusive monetization rights around the Mars One mission. There are many revenue possibilities around the mission to Mars: merchandise, ads on video content, broadcasting rights, partnerships, Intellectual Property, events, games, apps, and many more.

Mars One Ventures AG

In December 2016, British limited company Mars One Ventures PLC was acquired by InFin Innovative Finance AG (InFin), listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. InFin was renamed to "Mars One Ventures AG" and henceforth changed its business purpose accordingly. In this Investor Relations section, relevant investor information can be found on InFin from before the takeover in December 2016.