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Investor FAQ

What Market is Mars One Ventures listed on?

Mars One Ventures is listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange [FRA: KCC] ISIN: CH0132106482.

What is the current stock price?

You can find the current stock price at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange website:

How do I buy shares in Mars One Ventures?

It is possible to purchase Mars One Venture shares at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange [FRA: KCC] ISIN: CH0132106482. On the stock exchange page, there’s a direct link to buy Mars One Ventures shares:

If you are not an experienced investor, we recommend you seek professional advice. On the Börse Frankfurt website there are some helpful articles on the first steps towards exchange trading:

What is Mars One Ventures’ fiscal year?

Mars One Venture’s fiscal year is based on the calendar year. The last day of the fiscal year is Dec 31.

Where is Mars One’s headquarters?

Mars One Ventures AG is based in Basel, Switzerland. Stichting Mars One (Mars One Foundation) is based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

What’s the difference between Stichting Mars One and Mars One Ventures AG?

Mars One consists of two entities: the Dutch not-for-profit Stichting Mars One (Mars One Foundation) and a Swiss publicly trading Mars One Ventures AG (Mars One Ventures). The Mars One Foundation implements, and manages the mission and owns the mission hardware. It also selects and trains the crews, and is building an ever growing community of experts and supporters that follow the progress of the mission and contribute to it. Mars One Ventures holds the exclusive monetization rights around the Mars One mission. There are many revenue possibilities around the mission to Mars: merchandise, ads on video content, broadcasting rights, partnerships, Intellectual Property, events, games, apps, and many more.

Where can I find more information about the Mars One mission?

To find more information about Mars One and our mission plans, please visit the following sections:

How can I stay up-to-date on all latest news and updates?

There are many ways that you can stay up to date with Mars One mission news and updates. Please follow Mars One on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to stay informed.
Additionally, you can look through the following Mars One news archives:

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