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Simulation Outpost Alpha

Mars One will create several Earth based simulation outposts for training, technology try-outs and evaluation. Both on Mars and Earth, the Mars One outpost will become the epicenter for the mission. On Earth it will provide evaluation and training and on Mars it will provide a safe home for the crew. The outpost design is based on six assembled transit modules and two additional inflatables making up living quarters, private areas, food production, life support systems, surface access, recreational areas, mission operations, life science and much more. On Mars, the outpost will expand as more astronauts arrive, creating more living space and ever changing environments for the permanent settlement.

Mars One will present the progress of the Simulation Outpost Alpha on this page.

Outpost Alpha

Simulation Outpost Alpha will be the first prototype of many - providing a training facility on Earth and familiarization for a life on Mars.


The construction technology behind Outpost Alpha will match the simplified level of outpost complexity. The entire outpost will be made of rigid modules - even the “inflatable” volumes. Mars One is working towards a production method that allows for easy container shipping, easy assembling techniques, and potential module parts replacements.


Before being sent to Mars, every astronaut must be familiar with the outpost architecture, daily living routines, group dynamics, and the technology that runs the “city”. The simulation outpost on Earth is a perfect tool for such familiarization and learning how to diagnose and fix outpost subsystems.

As more simulation outposts are being constructed, complexity will be added. Simulation Outpost Alpha is a simplified hard shelled construction with only very basic subsystems for atmospheric control and general safety. There will be no working air locks and no internal pressure, both of which are required on Mars to hold the outpost structure intact.

Later outposts will present all subsystems required for Mars and the complexity to operate hatches, subsystems, communications, and life support.


Multiple locations on Earth will be chosen to permanently hold various types of the outpost. Each location will pose different possibilities and scenarios for testing astronaut candidates. The initial locations will have an outpost for easy technology testing and easy access for PR. The Arctic and other remote regions around the world will be chosen for (psychological) testing of the astronauts and equipment related testing for wind, dust, temperature, and isolation.

A location for the Simulation Outpost Alpha has not been chosen yet. Mars One still accepts location proposals from interested regions and institutions. Please contact Mars One if you would like to know more about the opportunities related to the Simulation Outpost location. 

Potential locations should meet the following requirements: 

  • Flat area, paved or levelled for outpost setup, minimum 50 x 50 m
  • Additional buildings / housing for crew and PR
  • Additional buildings for technology overview and testing
  • General access for container and crew
  • Water / waste / power technology
  • General outpost maintenance service

Support Simulation Outpost Alpha

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The general architecture layout and the interior design are some of the most important issues to address regarding the outpost. These features will not only provide general safety, but will also create a comfortable and enjoyable living environment.


The outpost architecture consists of six lander modules and two elongated inflatables. The main area is inside the inflatables, providing approximately 200 square meters for daily living and food production.

The two centered lander modules will provide access technology to the Martian surface and the four remaining lander modules will mainly contain subsystems supporting the entire outpost.

Interior design

Designing the interior is an interesting task, which is soon to begin. The interior design has to fulfill the needs of both the everyday tasks and the entire life cycle for a human being and crew. Additionally, it must also comply with the requirements of allowed mass and volumes to be transported and later “unfolded” inside the outpost.

A great deal of flexibility has to be integrated into the interior design, making changes possible for special occasions or new situations in life.

Dedicated interior areas and functionalities will be chosen for initial prototyping and evaluated during astronaut training.

Support Simulation Outpost Alpha

Interested in partnering with the Mars One Simulation Outpost or becoming a sponsor? Please visit the support section on this page or contact us!


Mars One invites anyone interested in supporting the progress of developing Simulation Outpost Alpha to be a part of the journey. There are several options, levels of participation, and returns on investment. You are always welcome to contact us if you have specific ideas or suggestions and are interested in helping Mars One.

Outpost Supporting Opportunities 

Community Opportunities 

Corporate Opportunities 

  • Feature your brand on Outpost Alpha
  • Sponsor or develop a specific aspect of Outpost Alpha
  • Connect your product or service to Outpost Alpha
  • Organize events inside Outpost Alpha
  • Feature your relevant technology in Outpost Alpha
  • Have the Simulation Outpost Alpha located in your region

For more information about the opportunities listed above, please contact us

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