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Silver Sponsors Mars One

Mars One is very grateful for the support we receive from our Silver Sponsors. These companies make it possible for Mars One to continue their efforts to establish the first human settlement on Mars. If you would like to join us in making this mission a reality, please contact us at


Media Injection

Media Injection

Media Injection is a Social Media Management & Insight Platform. The organization has offices in Amsterdam (NL), Düsseldorf (DE), and London (UK).

Sonic Voyage

Sonic Voyage

Sonic Voyage is a film production company in The Netherlands. They make films the American way, with provoking and mind-blowing special effects.

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Byte is a webhosting provider with a strong focus on service, technology and reliability. The company was founded in 1999 and is a renowned and stable player in the Dutch market.

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DISC Corporation

DISC Corporation has added to hundreds of bottom lines by eliminating costly and outdated paper business processes and filing systems and freeing up valuable square footage with paperless solutions. DISC Corporation provides a wealth of services, including document imaging and scanning, conversion services, automated document classification and indexing, as well as products such as document management, OCR and data capture.

Thomas Carlsen Fach├╝bersetzungen

Thomas Carlsen has been a translator since 1993. He was one of the first translators in Germany who succeeded in taking advantage of the speed of the “information superhighway” from the earliest days of the Internet, at a time when many people still wondered whether exchanging their typewriters for a PC was really such a good idea.

Based in Hamburg and working with a worldwide team of more than 50 highly qualified freelancers, Thomas Carlsen Fachübersetzungen, now a fully fledged translation agency, looks back on a long list of satisfied international clients. With its numerous contacts and partners around the globe, the agency has, over the last two decades, become the epitome of accuracy, elegance and clarity in translation.

Australian Science

Australian Science is a non-profit, privately-funded initiative dedicated to the advancement of science, technology and education in Australia and worldwide. Our mission is in the area of preservation of digital information, reference data and scientific materials.

Australian Science has existing partnerships with founding company Dejan SEO and is located in the Brisbane Technology Park.

Australian Science joins Mars One along with the a group of Australian companies as collaborative sponsors of the project.

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The Earth-Mars Chronicles

The Earth-Mars Chronicles is a series of four books written by Gerald W. Driggers about settling Mars and about how a new branch of humanity emerges to become the children of Mars and eventually face conflict with their own cousins on Earth. “Vol. 1 Hope for Humanity” is available in e-book and paperback formats. “Vol. 2 Home for Humanity” and "Vol. 3 Haven for Humanity: Part 1: Turmoil"  are available in Kindle format. 

Read More is Finland’s 2nd largest consumer electronics retailer. The company sells computers, home-electronics, toys, gaming and navigation products through its network of three stores, 2000 post-offices and 500 R-kiosks. was founded in 1992 and it has 400 employees in four locations. The company headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland.


Aleph Objects, Inc.

Built upon the philosophy of freedom, Aleph Objects, Inc. is transforming the 3D printer industry. Starting with the LulzBotTM AO-100, recipient of the Respects Your Freedom certification from The Free Software Foundation, this high-quality, cost-effective solution embodies the free software movement.

Complete with designs, software, documentation, source code and specifications, customers can continually improve their printer. From short-run manufacturing to rapid prototyping---this technology allows users to design and manufacture virtually anywhere, even Mars.