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Dennis Chamberland (USA)

Dennis Chamberland (USA)

Dennis Chamberland has been a NASA engineer and aquanaut with experience in the design and application of advanced life support systems considered for Moon and Mars bases. He is the design engineer and served as the Mission Commander of the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station – an undersea habitat utilized for tests of advanced life support system components on the seafloor off Key Largo, Florida.

He also served on the team with the McKnight Brain Institute, Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the investigation of long-term effects of space radiation on vertebrate animal subjects in a simulated Mars voyage. Dennis is currently the Team Leader for the Atlantica Expeditions – a group planning to establish the first permanent human undersea colony using many of the same concepts considered for permanent settlement in outer space. He has been a member of the pre-launch team at the John F. Kennedy Space Center prior to the launch of the Curiosity Mars Rover. Dennis is also the author of many books from real life chronicles of human exploration to the novelization of exploration activities, including his bestseller, Abyss of Elysium. Dennis is also a Fellow of the New York Explorer's Club.

"Mars is without question the near-term destiny of humankind. A human quest to Mars has become a priori prime directive for mankind's exploration as we thrust away from the cradle of our birth. We seem to be instinctively stacking all our international exploration chips on one destination – Mars and certainly for good reason. While in no way a twin of earth - Mars is an obvious terrestrial planetary analog that will definitely soon host permanent human colonists. Mars is the clear, unambiguous target of our destiny. The Red Planet beckons us all. And thus, it is my great honor to assist Mars One in making this inevitability happen without delay!"

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