Mars One

Gino Ormeno, M.D. (Peru)

Gino Ormeno, M.D. (Peru)

Dr. Ormeno is an Aviation Medical Examiner with a 10 years experience in aviation and occupational physiological researches and aeronautical medical examinations. Dr. Ormeno has a background of multiple cooperative studies with NASA and directed assessment of impact on schedule changes and resulting fatigue of pilots and flight attendants for major South American airlines. Dr. Ormeno has a postgraduate degree in Aviation Medicine from Otago University, New Zealand.

He is a highly respected and a well known expert Aviation Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration (USA), the Aeronautic Civil General Administration (Peru) and for airline crew members such as pilots, mechanical staff, dispatchers and flight attendants.

“When I heard about Mars One, it was hard for me to believe a private company could pull off such an ambitious worldwide project. After several discussions with the directors and some of the advisers, I realize that this can really be done when multidisciplinary top scientists and professionals work together to achieve one of the most exciting human dreams. As a Latin American I wish to contribute to this project not just because it is one of my greatest dreams ever, but also because I believe human beings have to continue to expand their social, cultural and spiritual frontiers far beyond our planet to make a better world today… and in the future!”

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