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Günther Reitz, PhD (Germany)

Günther Reitz, PhD (Germany)

Dr. Günther Reitz is the head of the department of Radiation Biology of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine of the German Aerospace Center. He received his Diploma in Physics and Thesis in Biophysics at the University in Frankfurt. The prime objective of his work comprises research on the radiation field in space especially for manned missions and its biological effects with the goal to provide an accurate assessment of the radiation exposures of astronauts to recommend radiation protection measures which pave the way to other planets.

He is Principal Investigator and Project Manager of numerous spaceflight experiments which were performed in international scientific cooperation’s. One of the main recent studies was the measurement of the radiation depth dose distribution in a human phantom onboard the International Space Station as part of the ESA-Facility MATROSHKA.

Dr. Günther Reitz is acting chairman of COSPAR Commission F “Life Sciences as Related to Space” and permanent chairman of the Workshop of Radiation Monitoring on the ISS (WRMISS) since its foundation in 1996. He has established an international network in the field of radiation dosimetry in space and contributes to set up a European Program for Investigations into Biological Effects of space Radiation (IBER) which is complementary to the NASA space radiation health program. He is member of several national and international organizations and has more than 220 scientific publications.

"My vision is that humankind will spread in future over the whole solar system. We have now to prepare the first steps to explore where humans will live and work. One of the main tasks is to design the mission with the goal to limit the radiation exposure during cruise and stay on Mars in order to minimize the risk for early and late radiation effects. Mars One already has good plans to mitigate the radiation problem and I look forward to help Mars One implement them."

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