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Jeroen Onderdelinden (NL)

Jeroen Onderdelinden (NL)

Jeroen Onderdelinden is a Dutch private equity professional with over 20 years of experience in general management and hands-on experience in private equity in Eastern Europe.

After studying Public Administration at Twente University, Jeroen (pronounced “Yerun”) started his Banking career at Rabobank in 1986. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall he moved to Belarus to start his own ventures in furniture production and leasing. The furniture venture failed. The leasing company (Triple E) succeeded and was sold.

In 1996, Jeroen moved to Russia (Voronezh) to join one of the first private equity start-ups in the region. He was the Fund Manager of Rabo Black Earth Fund (key investors: Rabobank, EWIC, Corpeq, and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development)  and subsequently Eagle Venture Partners (GIMV, Corpeq, and EBRD). Jeroen became one of the pioneers in the development of the commercial and transparent private equity industry with large, reputable Western investors in the region.

Jeroen returned to the Netherlands in 2002 for a sabbatical. He supported his old parents and started something completely different: developing his passion as a composer and producer of computer space and ambient music ( He went back to private equity in 2006 as Senior Banker Equity of EBRD Moscow. Jeroen left EBRD in mid-2017.

During his private equity career, Jeroen was a board member of 14 Russian, Belarusian, and Ukraininan companies. He specialized in upgrading compliance and transparency to international standards, restructuring, and top management development.

Today Jeroen focuses at charitable initiatives in Western Europe and supporting technological start-ups that boldly go where no one has gone before. Jeroen is an investor in several young IT and robot companies and an active investor in Mars One Ventures. Jeroen is also Chairman of the Vervooren Foundation, Member of the Investment Committee of Zubr Private Equity Fund, and Board Member of West Ost Union

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