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Steve Carsey (UK)

Steve Carsey (UK)

Steve Carsey is a UK television executive with a reputation for creating, developing and producing successful formatted entertainment, factual entertainment and event based programming for the international market – as well as overseeing and driving the management of the creative process for some of the UK’s most successful independent production companies.In a career spanning more than twenty years, Steve has been responsible for dozens of successful cross platform formats.

Most notably he led the development and production of three of the UK’s most successful and highest rated event driven entertainment shows of all time on their respective channels, Robot Wars (BBC), Britain’s Worst Driver (Channel 5) and The Match (Sky One). He also oversaw the development of one of the world’s most successful reality hits - and to this date the most valuable US commission for a UK producer ever - Paradise Hotel (Fox). Steve was also the first person in the world to broadcast a television show live over the internet. One email response from an internet café in Buenos Aires confirmed the global reach of a London based cable television show - in 1994! Most recently Steve was Chief Creative Officer of ITN Productions, the creative content and cross genre production division at the heart of the ITN Group – one of the world’s leading independent news organisations. In this capacity he worked across all of the group’s broadcast and digital content strategies. He is currently the CEO of Conceive Media, a consultancy, development and production venture specialising in the creation of cross platform entertainment brands for the global market.

"I blame Isaac Asimov, but from a very young age I’ve dreamt of a world occupied by robots and colonies on Mars. Having lived one of those dreams with the success of Robot Wars on television screens around the world, I’m both proud and excited to have been asked to support the Mars-One initiative from a media perspective. There can be no greater adventure. There will be no greater television format."

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