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December 2017 Shareholder Update

December 2017Mars One Updates - Mars One Ventures soon to be trading again

We're making good progress towards getting the Mars One Ventures AG share trading again. The prospectus will be filed with the financial authorities this week. When the share is trading, our six million euro investment will start coming in, allowing us to take the next important steps. These will include:

Mars One Foundation Mars One Ventures
Announce round 3 selection dates Find highly qualified CEO and COO
Start a whole new astronaut application procedure Improve the website content and conversion
New contracts with aerospace suppliers Produce content about upcoming round 3
Add new ex-NASA & ex-Lockheed team members Reach out to potential branding partners
Add team members for training and selection Organize permanent settlement conference

We have a few nice updates:

  • We have a new adviser: Jeroen Onderdelinden, a private equity expert.
  • We have a new ambassador: James Asquith, who traveled all the countries in the world before this 25th birthday.
  • We have a face to face meeting with a very good potential CFO in the UK early January. Two long Skype meetings tell us he's an excellent candidate for the position and that he's very interested to take the job.
  • We have an updated pitch deck. It was made by Investor Ready, a Dutch group that will also help us with a fund raise in their network of 500 business angels. The pitch deck is public information, so feel free to distribute it freely.

We'll keep you posted of next steps!

Finally, I would like to remind you that you are still able to participate in our current fund raise with a nice discount compared to the last traded price. We also offer a finder's fee of 10% in shares for any new investor that you help bring on board: let me know if you have someone in mind.


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