Mars One

What’s Mars One’s view regarding religion on Mars?

Colonization of the New World on Earth was often motivated by religious zeal and a desire to convert “uncivilized” societies to Christianity. Of course, on Mars there is no-one to convert. But beyond this, Mars One is not based upon the idea that any particular religion should be represented in the Martian settlement. While astronauts will certainly bring to Mars their own ideas about religion, and the Mars One project encourages religious freedom, religious activity and beliefs will be purely a matter of individual choice on Mars.

Is Mars colonization a religion?

While it may seem that the idea of Mars colonization shares similarities with religion, it is in fact quite different. There are several reasons for this:

  • Religions normally involve belief in some sort of spiritual entity or deity that guides behavior and helps people to develop ideas about how to live. The aim of Mars colonization is guided by careful planning, investment in appropriate technologies, and use of scientific knowledge and method to support the settlers and ensure success.
  • Religion normally involves some type of faith, usually directed at a higher being. Mars colonization is not about faith, but about human ingenuity and vision. The inhabitants will rely upon science, research, and technology to ensure their well-being and the success of the mission.
  • Religion usually involves a focus on something that a group of people deem sacred. Mars colonization will be focused on human survival and the formation of a society on a new planet. The extent to which people attach notions of the sacred to this will be a matter of individual choice.

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