Mars One

Is it safe to live on Mars?

Living on Mars cannot be considered entirely risk-free, in particular during the first few years. There are a number of elements that could pose a problem:

  • An essential component of the settlement could be affected
  • There is a chance that an astronaut might not survive if his or her Mars Suit were to become seriously damaged during a mission outside of the habitat
  • Certain medical conditions are not treatable on Mars

Obviously, Mars One will extensively examine and trial-run all elements of the mission beforehand to pre-empt any mishaps – especially the settlement's critical parts.

Living on Mars is comparable to getting by on i.e. Antarctica, and provides similar challenges. However, the South Pole now has a number of very advanced, large research stations that boast a great deal of modern facilities that provide a good quality of life. On Mars this development still has to be kick started.

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