Mars One

How are the astronauts prepared?

Mars One Astronaut Training Program

After the crews are selected they begin training. The training consists of three (phases) including technical, personal, and group training.

Phase 1: Technical training includes the training of two crewmembers to be proficient in the use and repair of all equipment to the extent that they can identify and solve technical problems. In addition, two crewmembers will receive extensive medical training in order to treat minor, major, and critical health problems. At least one person will train in the studies of Mars geology and the remaining person will gain expertise in exobiology, which is the biology of alien life.

Phase 2: Personal training consists of ensuring that the astronauts are able to cope with the difficult living environment on Mars. Since these individuals will be unable to speak to friends and family on Earth face-to-face, a certain amount of coping skills are essential.

Phase 3: Group training will mainly take place through simulation missions. During these simulations, the astronauts take part in a fully immersive exercise that prepares them for the real mission to Mars. The simulated environment will invoke as many of the Mars conditions as possible. Immediately after selection, the groups will participate in these simulations for a few months per year.

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