Mars One

What’s Mars One’s astronaut crew composition?

The astronaut crews that go to Mars will be diverse in gender, cultural background, and age. This is intentional. The diversity will help each team bring greater resources to solving problems. NASA studies performed by Mars One's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Norbert Kraft compared all male, all female and 50% mixed gender groups. The results showed that mixed gender groups (50/50 male female) performed better. The diversity also reflects humanity. On any number of levels, the settlers will arrive on Mars with different worldviews. Yet they will have trained together for the decade needed to learn survival skills for inhabiting a hostile planet. This gives them ample time to come to grips with their dissimilar backgrounds, mine the benefits they find in those variations, and figure out where generational and other differences might threaten the team.

In Mars One's book "Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure" readers can learn more about what combination of genders and ages make for the most effective four-person crew, and how individual cultural backgrounds factor in.

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