Mars One

Strategy & Objectives

Establishing the first human settlement on Mars will be one of the defining moments of the 21st century and perhaps the most exciting event in our lifetime. It will unite humanity and will inspire, mobilize, and engage the creative energies of people around the world. A human mission to Mars will make children want to become engineers, scientists, and astronauts. There are unlimited possibilities for public engagement and educational programs around Mars One. Technical spin-offs will improve life on Earth, especially in recycling, solar power, and power/water efficient food production.

Investors from around the world now have the opportunity to be part of Mars One’s mission to Mars and to literally own a piece of this historic venture. Mars One Ventures offers a solid business based on historical performance that might be of interest to anyone looking for diversification of their investment portfolio. Existing Mars One Ventures revenue streams include merchandise sales, ads on video content, brand partnerships, speaking engagements, and (sub) license fees. New revenue opportunities include broadcasting rights, Intellectual Property rights, games & apps, and events.

For the Mars One foundation, taking the mission closer to successful completion is the only important goal. To many investors in Mars One Ventures however, a positive return on their investment may be more important than the actual mission success. A viable business case that projects a solid return on investment even if the Mars mission wouldn’t progress as scheduled, is therefore essential.

To make sure that the interests of the Mars One foundation and Mars One Ventures are aligned, a funding structure was developed that ensures that both entities mutually benefit from each other's success. In return for the exclusive monetization rights around the mission, Mars One Ventures will pay the Mars One foundation an initial injection of six million US$ to kickstart the mission and 5% on all gross turnover. The more revenue Mars One Venture generates, the more funding will flow back into the foundation, resulting in mission progress such as detailed designs, hardware development, and mission launches and landings. This progress will be documented and shared with the world via diverse channels, such as TV documentary series and online content, bringing more (donating) supporters on board of the Mars One Foundation and at the same time reinforcing revenue streams for Mars One Ventures. All mission progress contributes to the value of the mission and therefore to the longer term value of investor shares.