Mars One

June 2018 Shareholder Update

We have made some great headway on a timeline for shares to resume trading and have some other exciting updates to share.

Upcoming Shareholder Meeting
Mars One Ventures will have a shareholder meeting in Zürich on the 13th of June, 13:00. In the meeting, shareholders will have an opportunity to vote to approve the 2016 audit, which was for the period before Mars One was part of the company.

Prospectus Update and Timeline to Resume Trading
The German financial authority, BaFin, has provided feedback on our draft prospectus. The main feedback was that they want the audited accounts of 2017 to be included in the new prospectus, to include the takeover of Mars One which occurred that year. This audit can only be completed after the 2016 accounts have been approved by the shareholders at our upcoming meeting in Zürich.

After approval of the 2016 account and completion of the 2017 audit, the resulting audited 2017 numbers will be inserted into the prospectus. With these and other minor changes, the new prospectus will be filed.

With this information, we can now provide an estimated timeline for shares to resume trading: the shareholder meeting takes place on the 13th of June, the audit can be expected to be finished about five weeks after that, and it should take an additional three weeks for the BaFin to review the new prospectus. This means that trading could feasibly resume in August, assuming that the BaFin is satisfied with the prospectus that includes the 2017 audit and the other changes they recommended.

Partnership with Lenovo
We are excited to announce Mars One’s involvement in Lenovo’s Re-Learn Life campaign. In cooperation with Mars One, Mars 100 candidate Christian Knudsen shared the story of his experiences as a Mars One applicant. For more information, see our press release.