Mars One

April 2013

April 2013 saw the start of Mars One's astronaut selection program. The launch was announced at press conferences in New York and Shanghai and was covered by many major media publications and broadcasts around the world including CNN, The Financial Times, The Guardian,, BBCEuronews, China's Xinhua, UK's New Scientist, Argentina's Clarin, South Africa'sMail and Guardian, India's The Hindu and many more.

Below, you can find a selection of these published articles and reports, and several broadcast interviews on radio and television. addressed the important question of having children on Mars. Could, and Should, Astronauts Have Babies on Mars Another story earlier in mentioned Mars One as a step towards finding life on Mars. "There is a strong, growing body of evidence that there could be subsurface life on Mars (...). However, we may not be able to confirm that unless we send people." Mars life hunt may require manned missions.

Advertising magazine published an interesting interview with James Yeats Smith and Daniel Siegler from Now & Partners, the makers of Mars One’s Call for applications movie that has gone viral. South African Team Behind The Mars One Film

News Website IOL features the team in a similar piece. SA duo directs recruitment film for Mars One

Argentinian news website Clarin reported on the surging number of astronaut applications.Ya hay más de 50 voluntarios para ir a Marte, sin regreso a la Tierra.

The Washington Post published a gallery with concept images of the Mars base made by Mars One’s Bryan Versteeg. Would you take a one way ticket to Mars?

The Guardian reported on the Mars One’s press conference in Shanghai. China: Mars residency hopefuls sign up for emigration project. Earlier in same publication Steven Poole argued A reality TV Mars landing may be silly, but at least it's on the right track

Business Insider’s Dina Spector is enthusiastic about becoming an astronaut on Mars and decided to apply for Mars One’s selection program. She has made an entertaining application Application for trip to Mars

China Daily writes about Mars One’s press conference in Shanghai and interviewed applicants. China joins rush for Mars

Slate published an interview with Mars One ambassador and Nobel laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft. The First Martians: A Nobelist physicist promotes the plan to send people to Mars—one way

Venturebeat reported on the partnership between Mars One and Twente University. Mars One announces university partnership to put humans on Mars permanently

Patti Waldmeir wrote about Mars One in a blog for the Financial Times. Try Mars (...): at this rate, it may be easier to breathe there than in Beijing.Mars One: To China and Beyond

Australian radio station ABC interviewed Bas Lansdorp about Mars One’s mission plan. Free One-way Tickets to Mars

Yahoo News reports that many people are applying for Mars One’s astronaut selection program. Want to visit Mars? Applications being taken

The New Zealand Herald reports on the application of local actor Curiosity entices Karl on Mars trip.

CNN published an extensive piece on Mars One’s mission. “With space opening up to the private sector, many companies large and small are trying to get in on the game (...) Mars One's idea is one of the most audacious ones.” A One Way Ticket to Mars - Apply Now.

Aysha Taram wrote a thought provoking column about Mars One’s human mission to Mars on Gulf Today. "Bizarre as I might think this journey is, the more I ponder it the more logic I see." One-way ticket to Mars.

Popular tech magazine Wired reported on Mars One’s astronaut selection program. Mars One opens applications for one-way ticket to Mars.

WLOS(USA) wanted to investigate who would sign up for a one-way mission to Mars, and visited the town of Mars Hill in a video report. "It's not really the destination of getting there, it's what we'd learn on the way. All the skills we'd learn, it'd create a ton of new jobs."Colonizing Mars Good Idea?

Dutch public broadcasting company NOS reports that, after the launch of the website on Monday the 22nd, there are many applicants already on the website and interviewed one of them. Sollicitaties voor Marsbewoning stromen binnen.

Al Jazeera published an introductory article about Mars One. Volunteers wanted for one-way ticket to Mars.

The Globe Journal (Indonesia) wrote an article on the launch of Mars One’s astronaut selection program. Mars One Starts Its Search for The First Humans on Mars.

New Scientist magazine wrote on Mars One application program and interviewed a scientist who was a partner in the Mars500 project, where 'astronauts' resided in a simulated Mars base for almost 1.5 years. 'Big Brother' applicants wanted for one-way Mars trip.

Portuguese website P3 announced the launch of Mars One’s astronaut selection program. Mars One recruta astronautas para ir a Marte em 2023.

Space Safety Magazine wrote about the launch of Mars One’s astronaut selection program Mars One Opens the Astronaut Selection Process.

Comedian Gary Busey made an entertaining and engaging application video for Mars One’s astronaut selection program. It was broadcasted on Jimmy Kimmel live. Gary Busey auditions for Mars One reality show.

The popular tech website Mashable dedicated an article to the launch of Mars One’s astronaut selection program.One way Mars mission will be the world’s best reality TV show.

The Dutch media covered the start of the astronaut selection program extensively Inschrijving Mars One van startSelectie voor enkeltje Mars van start  (Bright), Selectie eerste menselijke crew naar Mars geopend  (Het Laatste Nieuws), Selectie voor enkele rit naar Mars gestart (Gazet van Antwerpen)  Selectie commerciele Marsreis geopend (NU), Al 10.000 kandidaten voor Marsmissie die nooit terugkeert  (Knack).

The BBC published an article about the Mars One mission plan. Applicants wanted for a one-way mission to Mars.

De Volkskrant published about the start of Mars One’s astronaut selection program. Procedure aanmelding ‘enkeltje Mars’ start in juli.

Lithuanian newspaper Balsas wrote an introductory article about Mars One. Skristi i marsa ir pasilikti jame nori tukstanciai savanoriu.

Inquisitr reported that there are many who will apply to the one-way mission. One-way ticket to Mars more popular than you might think.

Bas Lansdorp was interviewed by German radio station SWR2. Mission ohne Wiederkehr: Die Besiedelung des Mars.

German website Techtoy published an introductory article about Mars One. Mars One: Leben auf dem Mars bis 2023.

Hamburger Morgenpost published an introductory article about Mars One. “Mars One” schikt Astronauten ohne Ruckflugticket ins All.

Bas Lansdorp was interviewed by Chris Donoghue of Newstalk (Ireland) about Mars One’s mission plan. Would you like to go to Mars?

Christian Science Monitor published an introductory article about Mars One. Ready for a one-way trip to Mars?

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