Mars One

August 2012

On this page we published an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in August 2012.

The successful landing of the Curiosity on August 6 increased the international interest in missions to Mars, including Mars One, which resulted in several interviews on TV and radio.

August 31, 2012, one of the worlds biggest space news websites, published the article Private Manned Mars Mission Gets First Sponsors.

August 30, 2012

Russian news website dedicated an item on the Mars One plans: Корреспондент: Жизнь на Марсе. Частная компания приступила к проекту колонизации Красной планеты.

Dutch business news website wrote an item on the first sponsors of Mars One Mars One haalt sponsors binnen.

August 29, 2012

The China Daily, an English language newspaper from China, wrote an article on heroes in space, and included a piece on Mars One in the article: Blast off time for heroes?

Wirtschafts Woche wrote an online piece on Mars One Big Brother auf dem Weg zum Mars.

August 28, 2012

The New Zealand Listener wrote the following online article: Is there life on Mars? Or is it just reality TV?

August 26, 2012, a Vietnamese news website, dedicated an item on Mars One: Sẽ làm chương trình thực tế về người trên sao Hỏa?

August 25, 2012

Ukrainian radio station Радіо Свобода, published an online article on the Mars One plans: Розвідка надр Марса: ще один крок до життя за межами Землі?

August 23, 2012

Waag Society, a Dutch Institute for art, science and technology wrote a blogpost on Mars One: Men on Mars.

August 23, 2012

Japanese posted the following item on Mars One: 壮大なる片道旅行!火星移住の一部始終をTVで放映【目がテン】.

August 22, 2012

Several German news websites wrote about the presentation Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp gave earlier that day at the Campus Party conference in Berlin, including:

The Voice of Russia published an article on Mars One in many languages. Here you'll find the English version: First human settlements on Mars by April 2023.

French website published an item on Space travel and mentioned Mars One as one of the private efforts: Les quatre prochains défis de la conquête spatiale.

August 21, 2012

Russian news website published the online post Mars One: голландцы готовятся к эмиграции на Марс.

August 20, 2012

A Turkish article on Mars One was published on technology news website Ve Teknoloji: Biri Bizi Gözetliyor: Mars!

The Globe Journal, an Indonesian news website, wrote the following article: Mau ke Planet Mars? Segeralah Mendaftar.

Argentinian news portal Diario Veloz posted: Reservá tu pasaje a Marte.

August 18, 2012

Merit Times, Taiwan's first general-interest newspaper, published the following item on Mars One: 2013年徵自願者 荷火星殖民實境秀 有去無回.

Tages Anzeiger, a Swiss newspaper, dedicated an article on Mars One: One-Way-Ticket zum Mars.

August 17, 2012

Japanese news website dedicated an item on Mars One: 2023年に火星移住、マーズワン計画.

Dutch newspaper Volkskrant wrote an article on Mars One: 'De mensheid heeft een ambitieus doel nodig: een kolonie op Mars'.

TB News Wacht included the Mars One mission plans in the following article: OPINION: Zero margin of error.

Venezuelan news website El Periodiquito dedicated an item on the Mars One plans: Proponen enviar humanos a Marte en 2023.

Alta Densidad, a popular Venezuelan new technology blog, posted a brief article: Empresa holandesa planea transportar seres humanos para colonizar Marte a partir del 2023.

August 16, 2012

German national TV station ZDF broadcast a news item on Mars One: Leben auf dem Mars.

National Geographic posted an image created by Mars One team member Bryan Versteeg: Martian Future?

Russian TV station Пятый канал wrote the following article: Голландский план: заселить Марс в 2023 году. Билеты продают в один конец...

News portal posted an item on Mars One: Einmal Mars und nie wieder zurück.

French news website published an extensive piece on Mars One, including several videos: VIDEOS - Ca vous tente un aller simple pour Mars en 2023 ?

Berliner Morgenpost wrote an elaborate article on the mission plans: Holländer plant bemannte Mars-Mission ohne Rückkehr.

August 15, 2012

Mars One was mentioned in an essay on Are You a Martian? The Intrigue, Mystery and Allure of the Red Planet.

Slovenian online business magazine posted: Nizozemci načrtujejo prvo naselbino na Marsu.

Jornal de Angola, a daily newspaper in Angola, published the following news item on Mars One. You can read the article online: Empresa holandesa traça planos para organizar excursões a Marte.

August 14, 2012

The article Planerar lämna kvar astronauter på Mars was published on Swedish website

Turkish newswebsite published the online post Biri Bizi Gözetliyor: Mars!

Russian website published the article Продюсерам: Mars One предлагает билет на Марс в один конец.

French online women magazine TerraFemina wrote an online piece on Mars One: Mars One : bientôt un aller simple pour la planète rouge ?

Sexenio, a Mexican magazine, published the following online article Empresa holandesa ofrece viaje a Marte.

Sports news website from Greece dedicated an article on Mars One: Ριάλιτι με έπαθλο εισιτήριο για τον... Αρη.

A brief Bulgarian article on Mars One was published on Първите хора на Марс ще се заселят там през 2023 година.

Wep Pro News dedicated an article on Mars One: These Guys Want to Launch a Reality Show on Mars in 2023.

August 13, 2012

WNYW, a television station of the Fox Broadcasting Company in New York (U.S.A), published an article on Mars One on their website Group plans Mars settlement.

Blick, a German-language tabloid newspaper from Switzerland, dedicated an article on Mars One: Astronauten wollen auf dem Mars leben und sterben.

News website wrote the following online article: Dutch reality show to offer one-way tickets to Mars.

Argentinian news website America.Infobae dedicated a news item on the mission plans: Reserve su billete a Marte, viajará en 2023., a Slovakian news portal, published the item: Súkromníci chcú vyslať ľudí na Mars.

The article Dutch reality show to offer one-way tickets to Mars was published on

South African news website Times Live published an online piece on Mars One: Soon, Big Brother ... on Mars!, a news website from Paraguay, posted the following news item: Viaje a Marte para 2023, el desafío de "Mars One". dedicated an item on the mission plans: TV show offers tickets to Mars.

Brazilian news portal dedicated an article on the misison plans of Mars One: Empresa holandesa prepara viagem só de ida a Marte em 2023.

August 12, 2012, a Russian collaborative blog, added an extensive post on Mars One: Mars One — человеческая колония на Марсе к 2023 году.

Space news website published the item Dutch reality show to offer one-way tickets to Mars.

German national daily newspaper Die Welt published an article on Mars One on their website: One-Way-Mission, den Mars sehen ... und sterben?.

August 10, 2012

Financial Times Deutschland interviewed Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp and published the interview in their magazine. You can read the article on their website: Mars macht morbid.

Austrian website included Mars One in an article on terraforming Mars: Terraforming: Wird der Mars bewohnbar werden?

August 9, 2012, a popular technology news website, published an article on manned missions to Mars, including the initiative of Mars One: Humans on Mars: The Craziest, Weirdest, and Most Plausible Plans in History.

Bas Lansdorp answered questions on about what inspires him, why he decided to found the Mars One Project, and why he thinks the plan will work. Ask Bas Lansdorp, founder of the Mars One Project, about his plans to put humans on Mars by 2023.

August 8, 2012

TV Program RightThisMinute (USA) talked with Bas Lansdorp about the mission and selection of the astronauts. You can view the item online: How to Live on Mars.

Lapin Kansa, a morning newspaper published in Finland, wrote an item on Mars One: Tosi-tv-ohjelma tarjoaa menolippua Marsiin. mentioned Mars One in a brief post on men on Mars: SpaceX: Men on Mars in 12 years: dnews nugget.

August 7, 2012

French news website Rue89 published a blogpost on Mars One and Curiosity: Curiosity sur Mars : premier campement en 2023 ?

August 6, 2012

An interview with Mars One founders Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders was included in the Daily Planet Mission to Mars special on Discovery Channel Canada and Discovery Science channel in the USA.

Dutch national TV station Nederland 1 broadcast a news item on the landing of the Curiosity Rover. Part of the item was a piece on the possibility of a manned mission to Mars which included an interview with Arno Wielders. You can view the program online, the part including the interview with Arno Wielders starts at 6:25: NOS Journaal 20:00.

Dutch national TV station RTL 4 broadcast an item on the landing of Curiosity and included an interview with Mars One co-founder Arno Wielders. You can view the program online, the interview with Arno Wielders starts at 1:50: Enkeltje Mars.

Bas Lansdorp was interviewed by Marketplace, Marketplace programs are broadcast by more than 500 public radio stations nationwide across the USA. You can listen to the program here: The cost of living...on Mars.

Polish website dedicated an item on the Mars One plans: Tak, właśnie ty masz szansę zostać jednym z kolonizatorów Marsa.

Dutch national TV station SBS6 interviewed Arno Wielders for their program Hart van Nederland. You can view the show online, the special on the landing of NASA's Curiosity rover, including an interview with Arno Wielders starts at 14:00: Hart van Nederland.

Mars One presented their mission plans at the MSL landing event at the ESA BIC in Noordwijk.

August 5, 2012

Taiwanese website wrote an article on the planned landing of Mars Rover Curiosity and also dedicated part of the article on Mars One: 13:31 好奇號登陸火星有直播.

August 4, 2012

MSN News posted an article on Mars One on their Tech & Gadgets section: Want to live on Mars? Here's your chance. The original article was published on on July 31.

Dutch newspaper NRC Next published an article on Mars One. NRC Members can view it online. You can also view the article (PDF) here: De rest van je leven.

August 2, 2012 published an extensive article on Mars exploration and NASA's Curiosity rover. The article included a section on Mars One: Curiosity rover is turning point for Mars exploration.

August 1, 2012

British Airways Business Life Magazine devoted two pages to Mars One (page 32 & 33) in the August edition. View the article (PDF) here: Is there Cash on Mars? (PDF)

Dutch Magazine Know How included an article on Mars One in their August edition (page 68 & 69) and posted the Mars One introduction video on their website: Een enkeltje Mars. You can view the article (PDF) here: Een enkeltje Mars (PDF).

German website published the item Mars One bietet Umzug zum Mars an.


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