Mars One

August 2013

In August 2013, Mars One concluded the online application round of its astronaut selection program. Media companies from around the world were interested in the application program. Below, you can find a selection of these published articles and reports, and several broadcast interviews on radio and television.

Bas Lansdorp made appearances in several large TV shows:

CNN reported about the great amount of applicants who have applied for Mars One’s mission: More than 100.000 want to go to Mars and not return.

The Times of India profiled various applicants: Meet the Mars One mission Indian applicants.

National Geographic searched the Mars One applicants website for interesting videos of applicants: The best video applications for a one-way trip to Mars.

British newspaper The Independent published an article about the Mars One’s mission: A one-way ticket too tempting to ignore: 165,000 apply for mission to colonise Mars.

El Arabiya reported about Mars One and applicants from the Middle East: Nine Arabs sign up for one-way ticket to Mars in 2022.

India’s International Business Times wrote about the popularity of Mars One’s plans among Indian astronaut candidates. Mars One Project: Over 1,800 Indians Apply for One-Way Trip to Red Planet.

Business Insider (USA) made their selection of candidates, who they think are a good group for the first manned mission to Mars: These men and women are willing to die on Mars.

The Daily Mail (U.K.) published an introductory article about Mars One: More than 100.000 people want to fly to Mars in 2022.

Venturebeat interviewed Bas Lansdorp in an interesting article: Nasa chief: you can’t fund a private Mars mission. Mars One: Watch us.

Popular Science interviewed a hopeful Mars One applicant: Who would take a one-way trip to Mars? This woman.

NECN hit the streets of Suffolk to ask people if they would be interested in traveling to Mars: Would you relocate to Mars?

The Inquisitr reported that the number of applicants for Mars One’s astronaut selection program increased: Reality Show On Mars? 100,000 People Sign Up For Red Planet Experience.

CNET published an article about the Mission: Mars ticket deadline nears for someone with the right stuff.


Indian news portal BGR wrote about Mars One’s astronaut selection program: Around 1800 Indians apply for Mars One project to permanently settle on Mars.


Journalists around the world found applicants in their region, who shared their stories and expectancies:

The Million Martian Meetings that Mars One applicants organized in Washington D.C. (USA) and Darmstadt (Germany) drew a lot of interest:

More media feedback on Mars One