Mars One

December 2014

Below you can find an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles, and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in December 2014.   

The New York Times discussed how people are willing to go on a one-way trip to Mars: A One-Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up

Libertad Digital outlined Mars One’s plan to fly humans to Mars: Mars One busca voluntarios para colonizar Marte

Newsweek interviewed Bas Lansdorp about his goal to have humans explore the Red Planet: Mars One CEO: ‘If There’s a Terrible Accident, We Won’t Show It Live on TV’

Clubic discussed the possibility of people walking on Mars in 2025: MARS ONE: EN 2025, AURA-T-ON MARCHÉ SUR LA PLANÈTE ROUGE?

On Monday, 30th of June, Mars One invited teams from any university around the world to submit a payload proposal for the 2018 unmanned Mars Lander mission. Below you will find some of the media publications about this.

On Monday, 1st of December, Mars One announced the ten Mars One University Competition finalists eligible to fly to Mars. Below you will find some media publications about these projects.

Media from around the world continue to show interest in the stories from the 660 remaining astronaut candidates in Mars One’s astronaut selection process. Some of their stories can be found here: