Mars One

December 2016

Below you can find an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles, and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in December 2016.

Futurism describes Mars One as one of the programs dedicated to bringing humans to Mars: Becoming Martian: This Is Our Future on the Red Planet

The Economic Times discusses the challenge to bring humans to Mars and mentions Mars One’s goal to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars: It’s a long walk for earthlings to invade Mars

Sputnik International writes about Bas Lansdorp’s presentation at the Global Satshow in Istanbul, Turkey: Mars One to Spend $6B to Settle Four People on Mars for Rest of Their Lives

Aviation Week writes about €6M investment Mars One secured: Mars One Secures Hong Kong Investor

On December 7th, Mars One presented an updated mission roadmap, adjusted to its new financial strategy. Below you will find some media publications about this.

On december 2nd, the InFin shareholders have approved the acquisition of Mars One Ventures by InFin. Below you will find some media publications about this.

Majadahonda Magazin interviewed Mars One astronaut candidate Angel Jane: Aterriza en Majadahonda el astronauta que irá a Marte y no volverá