Mars One

February 2015

Below you can find an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles, and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in February 2015.     

Asian Tribune discussed Mars One’s mission to Mars: Mars One Project: One Way Trip to Mars

The Independent wrote a story about the man behind the Mars One project: The man behind the Mars One expedition on organising 'one of the biggest challenges humans have ever experienced'

Big Think discussed what kind of person should go on Mars One’s mission to the surface of Mars: Mars One Wants Crazy-Intellegent Risk Takers For Its One-Way Mission

The Inquisitor outlined the plan for Mars One’s applicants: One-Way Ticket To Mars? 200,000 Applicants To Be Narrowed To 24 shared one of Mars One’s Round Two Selection videos: Mars One candidates on edge as final ‘colonist’ set to be chosen

The Guardian discussed Mars One’s goal to establish a colony on Mars: Mars One mission: a one-way trip to the red planet in 2024

The National Post published a feature spread on the Mars One mission: Cosmic cabin fever: Getting to Mars isn’t the hard part — it’s living there

On Monday February 16th, Mars One announced that only 100 hopefuls have been selected to proceed to the next round of the Mars One Astronaut Selection Process. Below you will find media publications about this.

Media from around the world continue to show interest in the stories from the astronaut candidates in Mars One’s astronaut selection process. Some of their stories can be found here: