Mars One

February 2018

Below you can find an overview of several online posts, news items, printed articles, interviews, and programs on radio and television about Mars One in February 2018.

The Grapevine mentioned Mars One in an article about Mars simulation habitats here on earth: Team builds habitat to simulate life on Mars

The Khaleej Times interviewed CEO Bas Lansdorp in an article about the Mars One Mission: First residents to reach Mars by 2032

The National wrote a piece on Mars One's mission, including an interview with CEO Bas Lansdorp: Mars one chief: privately-funded mission to the Red Planet will happen

Sputnik News discussed Mars One and CEO Bas Lansdorp's presentation at the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Center: Red Planet calling

Sean Keach featured Mars One concept images in his article for about what life might be like on Mars: What life could be like on Mars in 2070

SingularityHub mentioned Mars One alongside SpaceX, Nasa, and the ESA in a piece about the "race" to Mars: SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch was a smashing success - what's next for space travel?

Sofia News Agency discussed the possibility of Bulgarian technology being used in the Mars One mission: Bulgarian greenhouse is going to Mars?

Edgy Labs wrote about Mars One, alongside NASA and SpaceX, in an article about the biggest organizations currently vying to land on Mars: Who will have the first successful manned mission to Mars?

Moneyweb discussed the financials behind Mars One Ventures and how funding for the mission to Mars will be secured: Mars to deliver out-of-this-world investment returns?

Physics World mentioned Mars One alongside organizations like SpaceX and Nasa in their article about the ongoing plans to send humans to Mars: The long road to Mars

Science Daily discussed the findings of a study by Mars One adviser Dr. Wieger Wamelink: The ideal settlement site on Mars? Hotspots, if you asked a crop

Media from around the world regularly cover stories from the candidates in Mars One’s astronaut selection process. Some of their stories can be found here: