Mars One

July 2013

Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail looked up Mars One applicants from all corners of Canada and made portraits of eight candidates and their stories. Why eight ordinary Canadians volunteered for a (one-way) voyage to Mars.

Kronen Zeitung, Austria’s largest newspaper, published an interview with a Mars One applicant. Projekt "Mars One": Auch Österreicher wollen mitfliegen.

Dutch newspaper Trouw dedicated an article to Mars One’s program to find astronauts, comparing the selection process to selection criteria for surgeons. Hoe kies je de beste astronaut voor Mars?

The German Frankfurter Rundschau interviewed applicants for a profile piece about the Mars One mission. Zu Mars, aber nicht zurück.

Dutch Radio 1 hosted Bas Lansdorp for an hour-long radio show, about a BBC project that researched sending humans to Mars. Met het Oog op Morgen.

Online newsportal The Global Panorama wrote about the Mars One mission details. Leave your life on Earth and start an adventure on Mars!

Local Canadian newspapers interviewed Mars One applicants from their region.
Saskatoon man hoping to land on Mars (video) (CTV News).
Toronto woman wants to go to Mars (Sun News).
Alberta man ready for one-way ticket to Mars (Metro).

Brazil's Rede TV made a report about the Mars One mission. ONG pretende povoar o planeta Marte.

German news organization RP conducted an interview with an applicant about his motivation to apply for Mars One’s selection program. Mars-mission: Leichlinger will dabei sein.

Cincinnati’s radio station WVXU (United States) interviewed Mars One’s Aashima Dogra about sending humans to Mars. Would you go to Mars?

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