Mars One

June 2013

An op-ed authored by Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp was published on The piece responds to numerous concerns over radiation exposure during human spaceflight missions. “Radiation Fears Shouldn't Hold Back Mars Colonization.”

Arno Wielders, Mars One co-founder and CTO, participated in a human spaceflight special programme on BBC Radio 5, along with representatives of other leading private space ventures like SFX, Virgin Galactic and Inspiration Mars.

Gulf News carried an opinion column by Nidhal Guessoum, associate dean at the American University of Sharjah. Guessoum writes of the “alive and bright” human spirit among Mars One applicants. “The ride of your life: a one-way ticket to Mars.”

Popular Baltic news portal Delfi announced the joining of Lithuanian entrepreneur Dr. Vladas Lašas to Mars One’s advisory board. “Pirmosios Marso kolonijos planuotojams patarinės ir lietuvis.”

Romanian television channel Stirile Pro TV’s news show reported on the Mars One mission “Mars One cerintele pentru tinerii care vor sa plece pe marte mii de oameni (VIDEO).

An article in the Indonesian daily The Jakarta Post extends the call for Mars astronauts “Anyone want to live on Mars?

Cuban newsportal Cinco de Septiembre also reported on the Mars One mission. “Proyecto Mars One podría significar abandonar la Tierra.”

Mexican El Universal reported on Mexican applicants. “Van 24 Mexicanos inscritos en programa Mars One.”

Article in popular Italian magazine Focus discusses the merits of Mars One and its challenges. “Marte 2023, viago di sola andata. Tuttipossono candidarski.

Canada’s Global News interviewed a local applicant, who is spreading the word about the Mars One project around his campus. “Nova Scotia student has sights set on one-way ticket to Mars.”

Dutch newspaper Haarlems Dagblad carries an interview with a Dutch applicant. “Haarlemmer gegadigde voor enkele reis Mars.”

The Miami Herald profiled an applicant who has fashioned a simulated spacesuit which he, one day, hopes to trade for a real one. “Mars or bust: FIU student wants one-way ticket.”

An Australian applicant and filmmaker was interviewed by Daily Mercury. “Paul wants to live a life on Mars for eternity.”

Brazilian newsportal Terra reports on Brazilian applicants. “Viagem sem volta: brasileiros se inscrevem para colonizar Marte.”

US based newswebsite covered the Mars One’s astronaut selection program. “Want to get off the planet? First you have to survive Mars One reality TV (video).”

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