Mars One

March 2014

Below, you can find an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in March 2014.

TV СENTRE Russie aired an item on the Marstronaut event in Winterthur in Switzerland: В Швейцарии встретились потенциальные участники проекта "Марс Один".

Mars One Co-founder and CTO Arno Wielders was one of the panel members on a Yuri's Night Google+ Hangout: Humanity's Path To Mars: Presented by Yuri's Night.

Polish Gazeta Wyborcza published an extensive article about Mars One's human mission to Mars, including a brief interview with several Polish astronaut candidates: Polaków wyprawa na Marsa.

Mars One announced the launch of a simulation project to replicate the future Mars human outpost here on Earth on March 27th. Below you'll find some of the following media publications:

On March 3, 2014, Mars One announced a partnership with Uwingu Mars Crater Naming Project. Several media publications reported about this partnership, including:

Media from around the world continue to show interest in the stories from round two astronaut candidates in Mars One's astronaut selection process. Some of their stories can be found here: