Mars One

May 2012

On may 31, Mars One sent a press release about the plans to establish human settlement on Mars and the same day launched the website. The media picked up the news directly. Here you'll find a brief overview of some of the publications and news items on Mars One on May 31th.

May 31, 2012

A brief article was published in Dutch magazine Kijk. Editor Vivianne Bendermacher wrote in her editorial, "My favorite milestone: 2023. When the first four humans will land on Mars."  Kijk also published an online article: 'In 2032 hebben wij twintig mensen op Mars'.

Dutch newspaper Volkskrant published an online article on Mars One, Voor een habbekrats naar Mars (wel een enkele reis). A printed article followed the day after.

Dutch science website Wetenschap 24 posted the online article Nederlanders naar Mars.

The news was posted on social news website


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