Mars One

May 2013

As Round 1 of the selection process carries on, Mars One has continued to be the subject of many media stories. The likes of Time Magazine, Wired and CNN carried articles on the project this month.

The Canadian Press (video) published an insightful interview with one of the applicants about his motivation despite the risks.
Swiss newspapers Tagblat and Tages Anzeiger carried articles based on local applicants.
Argentinan newspaper Globo also featured a Mars One applicant.
A young applicant based in Leicester, UK explained his motives to apply in his local publication.
Interview with German applicant appeared in Bild, one of Germany’s largest newspapers.

Canadian radio broadcaster CBC interviewed two applicants and Raye Kass, Professor of Applied Human Sciences and Mars One selection adviser. “Why thousands of people want a one-way trip to Mars.”

Prof. Kass, also authored a Op-Ed in Montreal Gazette. “Going to Mars starts with the right attitude.”
David Gobby’s response to this met with a striking retort from Kass. “Mars One concerns are unfounded.”

Khadim Shubber wrote an elaborate spread about Mars One, with some great illustrations in Wired magazine.
“Mars One will take you to the Red Planet, if it can raise the cash”

Mars One was discussed in an extensive video report from ABC Newsline (Australia)
“Reality TV to send guests to Mars”

Chinese newspaper Xinmin published an article about the mission; some of the Chinese applicants were interviewed.

Vertigo Politico (Mexico) put together an infographic about different stages of the Mars One mission.
“Vivir en Marte ya no solo sera metaforico”

British newspaper The Daily Mail reported on the number of applications Mars One has received.
“How 3.500 of us want a one-way trip to Mars and be filmed on a ‘space-age reality TV programme”

Tech focussed PCMag reported on the global popularity of the Mars One astronaut selection.
“Applicants from around the globe vie for Mars mission”

Latest edition of Llama’s Valley Magazine carried an interview with Bas Lansdorp, Mars One cofoudner and CEO.
“The technologies already exist”

Indian magazine Business Today interviewed Aashima Dogra, Mars One Editorial Manager about the ins and outs of the mission.
“How Dutch firm Mars One aims to raise funds for a trip to Mars”

The French Roads Magazine published an overview of Mars One.
“Mars One: la tele realite qui met en scene un alle simple pour la planete rouge.”

Adarsh Matham discusses in Indian Express why the time has come to go to Mars.
“Book your trip to Mars”

The Italian edition of the International Business Times reported on Mars One’s astronaut selection program.
“Tutti a bordo, si parte per Marte: gia 80mila richiste recevute da Mars One”

Russian business blog published an article linking Mars One to developments in the space industry.
“Как улететь на Марс и не вернуться” article answers one of the most popular questions Mars One receives.
“Private Mars Colony Is No Place for Children (Yet)”

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