Mars One

May 2018

Below you can find an overview of several online posts, news items, printed articles, interviews, and programs on radio and television about Mars One in May 2018.

BOSS Magazine mentioned Mars One in an article about NASA's Curiosity Rover: Why does NASA want to send robot bees to Mars?

The Jackson Sun gave a nod to Mars One in an eclectic list of Father's Day gift suggestions: Thinking outside the (gift) box this Father's Day

Energy Live News released a video of an interview with CEO Bas Lansdorp: First journey to Mars will be a one-way trip

Fast Co Design mentioned Mars One in an article about future martian architecture: NASA'S wild plan to build McMansions on Mars - out of fungus

Science Trends discussed the Mars One program in an article about Martian geology: Unsaturated soils on Mars on Mars and their role in Mars colonization from a geotechnical point of view

Media from around the world regularly cover stories from the candidates in Mars One’s astronaut selection process. Some of their stories can be found here: