Mars One

November 2014

Below you can find an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles, and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in November 2014.   

Engadget wrote an article outlining Mars One’s goal to bring humans to Mars: A colony on Mars will be the 'next giant leap for mankind'

PerthNow discussed why humans would want to join the two robots currently residing on Mars: Mars One expedition: Is reality TV compatible with science?

The Guardian outlined Mars One’s mission to Mars: Will Interstellar inspire a new space race?

Liberty Voice stated that Mars One is the future: Mars One Is the Future

Engadget asked the man who will put humans on Mars 5 interesting questions: Five questions for the man who's determined to put life on Mars

Digital Journal discussed the upcoming cut in the list of candidates to fly to Mars: Mars One: Short list to get shorter — The personal interviews

The Kiev Times outlined Mars One's exciting mission to fly to Mars: Красная Планета: билет в один конец

Media from around the world continue to show interest in the stories from the 705 remaining astronaut candidates in Mars One’s astronaut selection process. Some of their stories can be found here: