Mars One

November 2018

Below you can find an overview of several online posts, news items, printed articles, interviews, and programs on radio and television about Mars One in October 2018.

National Geographic mentioned Mars One's program in an article about India's Mangalyaan Mars mission: Dear Mangalyaan: What India's Mars mission means to me

Yahoo News named Mars One among companies like SpaceX and NASA in a piece making the case for Mars colonization: Humans need to 'defrost' Mars or face extinction, expert warns

All Access Music mentioned Mars One alongside NASA, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic in an article about entertainment content and broadcasting for future space tourists: Far out man...Megatrax pacts with Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corp.

702 Published an article about Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp's interview with on-air personality, Azania Mosaka: 'I don't think you can send a crew to Mars with the intention of returning them'

Advanced Science News wrote about the founding of Mars One in an article about the challenges and motivations behind efforts to colonize Mars: Is Mars colonization a dream or a necessity?

The Koz Telegram discussed Mars One and cited advisor Dr. ir. Wieger Wamelink in an article about recent progress made growing plants in Mars simulant soil: And Mars will be apple blossom?

Live Mint wrote about Mars One's program in an article about private organizations engaged in space exploration: Private space voyages: The next giant leap for mankind?

Yahoo News mentioned Mars One in an article discussing space programs in the U.S.: Yahoo News explains: What's next for the U.S. in space?

The Conversation discussed Mars One's program in an article aimed at teaching children about space exploration: Curious Kids: What are some of the challenges to Mars travel?