Mars One

October 2013

Below, you can find an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in October 2013

Time NewsFeed introduces the reader to reality shows related to space travel: New Reality TV Shows Promise to Bring Contestants to Space.

The religion-on-Mars-dilemma was analysed by Thore Bjørnvig in his blog on Scientific American: In Mars We Trust

Chicago Tribune made a reference to the popularity of Mars one in the article No life on Mars? Aw, heck

What if your son or daughter is aspiring to become one of the first Mars settlers? Trip to Mars an awesome adventure.

Digital TV channel Russia Today broadcast a Spanish item on Mars One: Voluntarios lo arriesgan todo por fundar un nuevo mundo en Marte.

Applicants from around the world were interviewed, some of their stories can be found here:

CNN presents six space-related destinations on Earth that might interest space enthusiasts and Mars One applicants: Explore space from Earth

Slate published an article on an upcoming space television program and compared that initiative to the plans of Mars One to broadcast the astronaut selection process: The New Space Race Is on Reality TV.

The Economic Times mentioned Mars One in their article Terraforming Mars: Life as we don’t know it.

BBC wrote an article on the demonstration mission that will be Mars One's first unmanned mission to Mars: Mars One to launch first test mission.

More media feedback on Mars One