Mars One

September 2013

Below, you can find an overview of several online posts & news items, printed articles and interviews and programs on radio and television on Mars One in September 2013

The New York Times focusses on the (un)likely possibility of life on Mars from all kinds of perspectives. From science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson to, of course, Mars One: Life on Mars? Well, Maybe Not.

Mars One applicant Kellie Gerardi as a guest in ABC’s “The View” explains about her motifs for pursuing the mission to hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy and Barbara Walters: Kellie Gerardi On Her One Way Trip To Mars.

BBC Radio’s “Women’s Hour” gives accounts from women on space and space travel. Aviator Wally Funk, astronaut Catherine Coleman and young Mars One applicant Gillian Finnerty (her interview starts at 24 minutes): Beverley Knight; Deb Perelman; Melissa Benn; Women astronauts. wrote about Saudi applicant Abdullah Al-Zahrani: Twitteratis go gaga as Saudi sets sights on Mars.

The Danish news website reports on the 489 Danish applicants for Mars One: 489 danskere vil flytte til Mars.

The Avantgarde Diaries made an impression of the Mars One project. With medical director Dr. Norbert Kraft on the risks and applicant Peter Felgentreff about the dream: Mars One.

Shaun Moss, Secretary of The Mars Society Australia, discussed his motivations to apply to become a Mars One astronaut on ABC Radio (Australia): Headed for Mars.

The Hindustan Times (India) interviewed Indian applicants. They talked about their motivation to go to Mars: Indians who have signed up for the one-way trip to Mars.

The Daily Mail (U.K.) interviewed Mars One applicants and scientists for a portrait of the Mars One mission: One-way trip to Mars: hopefuls willing to leave behind husbands, friends and children.

NBC News (USA) reported about the end of the application round of Mars One’s astronaut selection program: More than 2.700 pay up for a chance to take a one-way trip to Mars.

The Guardian (U.K.) interviewed Mars One applicants about their hopes and expectancies: Mission to colonise Mars: “Columbus didn’t wait, nor should we.

Estadão (Brazil) columnist Laura Greenhalgh wrote a portrait of Mars One and applicants in its astronaut selection program: Os terráqueos estão chegando.

Irish newspaper The Independent published an article about Irish applicants for Mars One’s astronaut selection program: 850 Irish apply for competition to live on Mars.

Popular news portal wrote about the end of the application round of Mars One’s astronaut selection program: One-way Mars colony project draws 200.000 volunteers.

TIME (USA) reported about the amount of applicants Mars One has welcomed in their astronaut selection program: 200.000 apply for one-way trip to Mars.

The Gulf Times (Qatar) reported about Mars One applicants from the Gulf region: 122 from Qatar seek one-way ticket to Mars.

Singularity Hub dedicated an article to the Mars One mission plan, and interviewed sci-fi author David Brin about Mars One in relation to other manned Mars missions: 200.000 apply to Mars One to live out their lives on the Red Planet.

The Young Turks (USA) dedicated a segment in their show to Mars One, and discussed living on Mars with someone who would be interested in going there.

National Geographic wrote about Mars One’s astronaut selection program: One way ticket to Mars attracts global attention.

ABC, Australia’s largest broadcasting company, wrote about the popularity of Mars One’s astronaut selection program: Offer of one-way trip to live on Mars has volunteers lining up.

The Weather Network (USA) published about Mars One’s mission plan in a report: Mars One: 200.000 sign up for one-way trip.

The Malaysia Sun reported about Mars One’s mission: 200.000 sign up for one-way trip to Mars.

British newspaper The Independent reported about the popularity of the application round of Mars One’s astronaut selection program: 200.000 apply for one-way mission to colonize Mars.

The blog Bustle wrote an introductory article about Mars One: The Mars One Reality Show/Human Colony sounds like a great idea for fame-hungry misanthropes.

The Epoch Times (Canada) studied the Mars One application website and profiled various Canadian applicants: Mars or bust: 8000 Canadians Sign up for Mission to Red Planet.

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