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Bas Lansdorp to present for over 1,000 senior professionals in the UK

Amersfoort, February 22nd, 2017 -- Mars One announced that Bas Lansdorp, CEO and co-founder, will present on October 6th, 2017 on board the ‘Arcadia’ P&O cruise ship (UK). The presentation is open to participants from four different conferences that all take place at the Arcadia at the same time.

Lansdorp's keynote will be accessible to the entire audience of over 1,000 participants from the following conferences: The Finance Directors’ Forum, The IT Directors’ Forum, The Marketing Forum UK, and The Communication Directors’ Forum. These conferences aim to give senior Finance, IT, Marketing, and Communications professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward.

Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and CEO of Mars One says: “Conferences are a great platform for reaching a diverse audience and they help us connect with many different organizations. Additionally, it's great to get feedback through audience Q&A sessions and networking afterwards.”

The four conferences are organized by Richmond Events. They have organized over 550 forums since 1990 across a range of sectors. Attendance to one of the conferences as a delegate is free of charge, but by personal invitation only. For more information about becoming a delegate, please go to

For more information about the October 6th, 2017 events on board the ‘Arcadia’ P&O cruise ship (UK) and Bas Lansdorp’s keynote speech, please go to:

The Finance Directors’ Forum

The IT Directors’ Forum

The Marketing Forum UK

The Communication Directors’ Forum

About Mars One

Mars One aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Before carefully selected and trained crews will depart to Mars, several unmanned missions will be completed, establishing a habitable settlement waiting for the first astronauts to arrive.

Mars One consists of two entities: the not-for-profit Mars One Foundation and the publicly trading Mars One Ventures AG [FRA: KCC], ISIN: CH0132106482. The Mars One Foundation implements, and manages the mission and owns the mission hardware. It also selects and trains the crews, and is building an ever growing community of experts and supporters that follow the progress of the mission and contribute to it.

Mars One Ventures holds the exclusive monetization rights around the Mars One mission. There are many revenue possibilities around the mission to Mars: merchandise, ads on video content, broadcasting rights, partnerships, Intellectual Property, events, games, apps, and many more.

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