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Destination Mars: five short films that explore Mars One’s human mission to Mars

Amersfoort, 1st October 2015Mars One is proud to announce the release of DESTINATION MARS, a short-form documentary series that explores Mars One’s goal to land the first humans on Mars in 2027. The series was developed by streaming service CuriosityStream as an original series. CuriosityStream is the world’s first nonfiction, ad-free subscription video on demand service delivering programs about science, technology, history and nature. CuriosityStream was founded by John Hendricks, who is also the founder and until May 2014 was the Chairman of Discovery Communications.

“We're very excited about this documentary series focused on our human mission to Mars,” said Bas Lansdorp, CEO and co-founder of Mars One. “Curiosity Stream aims to share real science stories with the world and Mars One's mission offers the human and scientific perspective on colonizing Mars.”

DESTINATION MARS is produced for CuriosityStream by Bigger Bang Productions and features Mars One team members, Mars One advisers, Mars100 candidates, and independent experts.  The series consists of five short films and they cover: 1) Why humanity should go to Mars, 2) The Mars One candidates, 3) How to get to Mars, 4) Surviving on Mars and 5) Why Mars One's plan is one of permanent settlement. The DESTINATION MARS documentary series premieres in conjunction with the international launch of CuriosityStream on the 30th of September, 2015.

The films can be viewed through CuriosityStream. A coupon code has been made available to Mars One supporters, which provides subscribers with a 20% discount for the Curiosity Stream subscription for four months. Find the link to the discount here.

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About Mars One

Mars One is a not for profit foundation with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars. To prepare for this settlement the first unmanned mission is scheduled to depart in 2020. Crews will depart for their one-way journey to Mars starting in 2026; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months after the initial crew has left for Mars. Mars One is a global initiative aiming to make this everyone's mission to Mars, including yours. Join Mars One’s efforts to enable the next giant leap for mankind.

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About Curiosity Stream

CuriosityStream is the world's first ad-free, on-demand streaming service for nonfiction programs that educate, inspire and entertain. CuriosityStream delivers an extensive content library of high-quality documentaries and series from the world's best filmmakers, anytime and anywhere, starting at $2.99/month. Join the community of the curious at and on Twitter @Curiosity_Strm.

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