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Mars One now trades publicly and closes €6 million funding

Amersfoort, December 12, 2016 - Mars One is pleased to announce that it has secured an investment of €6 million from the Hong Kong based investment firm World Stock & Bond Trade Limited. Mars One Ventures AG [FRA: KCC], ISIN: CH0132106482 is now trading publicly at the Frankfurt stock exchange.

World Stock & Bond Trade Limited spokesperson, Non-executive Director Torben Pedersen: “We know that Mars One carries inherent risks and this will remain a challenge for some time. However, we believe that the potential returns, if and when the brand name takes hold, makes this an exciting investment opportunity for us".

Prof. Moritz Hunzinger, CEO of Mars One Ventures AG says: "We are delighted having closed the acquisition and the investment. We feel confident that the international brand recognition of Mars One combined with the capital raising possibilities of the listing at a regulated market will deliver long term sustainable returns to our existing and future shareholders, especially with this first investment secured".

Over the last years, Mars One has built a case for the mission and the commercial activities: the first feasibility studies for Mars One's mission were completed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and Paragon Space Development Corporation. Additionally, Mars One completed the first two rounds in its astronaut Selection Process, with 100 astronaut candidates remaining. Mars One is now preparing for the final two rounds to form up to six groups of four that will start training full time for the mission. On the 7th of November 2016, Mars One announced that it will list its commercial arm, Mars One Ventures, at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through a reverse takeover with InFin Innovative Finance AG (InFin). InFin is now renamed Mars One Ventures AG. Mars One has reached audiences all over the world and has shipped merchandise to more than 90 countries.

“We are incredibly excited about securing this investment” says Bas Lansdorp, Chairman and co-founder of Mars One. “It was only one month ago that we announced Mars One will go public at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. That step has now resulted in this investment. It will give Mars One the resources to take the next important steps in our mission to Mars. Additionally, it gives us a stronger position in negotiations with broadcasters for the documentary series around astronaut selection. The show about selecting the right teams for the mission to Mars will boost our brand awareness”.

Mars One has already partnered with a number of renowned companies, for example with the Opéra National de Paris, who produced an opera inspired by Mars One's mission. Mars One was part of a TV campaign by ANZ Bank, the 3rd biggest bank of Australia. The spring/summer 2016 fashion show of Swedish sports and underwear brand Björn Borg was a tribute to Mars One.

Suzanne Flinkenflögel, Mars One director of communications says: "The investment and the Frankfurt listing are major steps in the commercial development of Mars One. We believe they will contribute to accelerate our discussions on brand partnerships and other commercial opportunities”.

The funding agreement is irrevocable and binding and provides for the funding to be released to Mars One Ventures over a six month period in equal monthly instalments starting in January 2017. The investment occurs at a price of € 0.18 per share, with two bonus shares for every share purchased – resulting in an average price of € 0.06 per share.

About Mars One

Mars One aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Before carefully selected and trained crews will depart to Mars, several unmanned missions will be completed, establishing a habitable settlement waiting for the first astronauts to arrive.

Mars One consists of two entities: the Dutch not-for-profit Mars One Foundation and the Swiss publicly trading Mars One Ventures AG [FRA: KCC], ISIN: CH0132106482. The Mars One Foundation implements, and manages the mission and owns the mission hardware. It also selects and trains the crews, and is building an ever growing community of experts and supporters that follow the progress of the mission and contribute to it.

Mars One Ventures holds the exclusive monetization rights around the Mars One mission. There are many revenue possibilities around the mission to Mars: merchandise, ads on video content, broadcasting rights, partnerships, Intellectual Property, events, games, apps, and many more.

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About World Stock & Bond Trade Limited

World Stock & Bond Trade Limited (WSBT) is a Hong Kong based Investment Boutique consisting of two synergetic divisions.

The Capital Investments division; where WSBT’s investments are made in promising and upcoming companies that hold not only good and viable business strategies, but also strong management teams that enable them to move to the next level.

The Capital Enhancement division; where WSBT places promising companies or their corporate debt (corporate bonds) on Stock Exchanges to raise capital to further accelerate business developments and implement growth business strategies.