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Two new candidates introduced to Mars One’s Astronaut Selection Process

Amersfoort, 11 of July 2016 - Mars One has introduced two new candidates to their Astronaut Selection Process to replace former candidates that decided to leave because of personal reasons. The following two new Round Three Astronaut Candidates have been added to the Mars100, giving them a chance to be among the first humans on Mars:

Mr. Wolfgang Roland Burger, Kabelsketal, Germany
Mr. Ludwig Alexander Deglmann, Bonn, Germany

They were both pre-selected as potential replacement candidates following the interview round and have met all the requirements to proceed to the next selection round. The current Mars100 candidates will be facing the third selection round that is designed to trim down the remaining 100 candidates to forty through a series of group challenges. An important aspect of this round is that the candidates will compose the groups for the challenges themselves, and this procedure has already begun.

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Mars One is a not for profit foundation with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars. To prepare for this settlement the first unmanned mission is scheduled to depart in 2020. Crews will depart for their one-way journey to Mars starting in 2026; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months after the initial crew has left for Mars. Mars One is a global initiative aiming to make this everyone's mission to Mars, including yours. Join Mars One’s efforts to enable the next giant leap for mankind.