Mars One


The Rover for the Mars One mission is not a scientific Rover. It is a capable and powerful tool, with a robotic hand to carry out a wide variety of tasks. The Rover is accompanied by a trailer, which is used to transport landing modules and for power generation.

In contrast to the scientific rovers dispatched to Mars to date, the Mars One Rovers' tasks will be focused more on utility, the deployment and maintenance of the human Settlement on Mars:

  • Autonomous travel to locate the most suitable location for settlement.
  • Measure the amount of water in the soil.
  • Move the Landers to the preferred locations on the trailer.
  • Remove protective panels from the Landers.
  • Unroll and lay down the thin film solar panels.
  • Extract (from the Lander) and assist with inflation of the Living Unit.
  • Connect the air tube between the Life Support Unit and the Living Unit.
  • Deposit soil in the Support Unit for water extraction and remove the dry soil.

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